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RideSafe is proud to announce our new partnership with BRP, a global leader in the world of powersports vehicles and boats for over 80 years and working across 120 countries.

RideSafe and our partners are committed to significantly reducing the number of powersport injuries and fatalities by inspiring children and adults to wear helmets and proper safety gear and obtain safety certification before operating powersports equipment.

The data is clear; In 98% of all ATV-related fatalities, there was no helmet. In 95% of all ATV-related fatalities, there was no safety certification.

Safety has always been a priority in the powersports industry. Our industry is a vast network of seasoned professionals who live by a safety creed. The uniform, including helmets and proper gear, is part of our culture. Yet, as the appetite and interest in powersports recreation have increased, we see consumers riding without the basic fundamentals. As a result, injuries and fatalities are on the rise.

Together with the help of BRP and its Responsible Rider program, we encourage everyone in the powersports and marine communities to come together and rethink how we approach safety, riding etiquette, and the environment, empowering all riders to ride responsibly.

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